SysIcon is a tool which allows you to change most of the Windows Shell Icons. It is not an image editor but applies settings e.g. to the registry.

The changable icons include the folders' icon, recycle bin icons, desktop icon, start menu icon, control panel icon, unknown files icon, my computer's icon, common drive icons (floppy, hard drive, removable drive, ...), network icons, icons of the start menu-items (recent docs, run, search, settings, programs, Windows help), published files and shortcut overlay.

This list is already quite long and reflects only a small part of the list!

SysIcon allows to comfortably set these icons. The icon images can be stored in any icon-resource format "understandable" for Windows. These include of course .dll, .exe, .ico and .icl files.

Please visit the latest version's page to find out more about features.

To download SysIcon, please visit the Download page

SysIcon is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License.