The latest major version of SysIcon is number 2. It brings a lot of more changable icons of which the most can also be set per user (which was not possible for any icon in the preceding version). The icon locations in the registry are working properly with Windows® XP now.

Screenshot SysIcon 2.0.2603 - main form and icon selection dialog


SysIcon 2 is in alpha state at the moment. Alpha means, the version is not yet throughly tested and not all features have been implemented yet. The program may still be buggy and I appreciate if you report bugs at SysIcon's bug tracker. Anyway you should not be scared off by this and should give it a try. The latest version usually carries many enhancements over a version considered to be "stable". But if you are working in a productive environment you should better use stable or at least beta versions.


Still missing features:



Check Download page for latest changes and updates.
File Description
Executables The minimal amount of files required to run SysIcon. Download this, if you are sure, .NET framework 2.0 is installed, and if you want to keep the cluttering of your system as small as possible. Just download and unzip the archive whereever appreciated.
ClickOnce installer archive You should use this one if you do not know whether the .NET framework 2.0 is installed or not. Unzip the installer and run “setup.exe”. This will also create shortcuts in the start menu. Administrator privilegies are NOT required to perform the installation.
Sourcecode SysIcon's sourcecode. Microsoft® Visual C# 2005 Express solution. Should work with SharpDevelop but no warranty here.