The first generation of SysIcon includes all versions with the major version number 1.

Note: SysIcon 1.3.2 beta2 was released on 2005-12-01. This was the last release of this generation and there won't be any further development even though the last version is named "beta". This just means I didn't test it very throughly. You should consider trying out the newer versions, even if they are in an alpha state. There are many more icons that can be changed than in this version.


This first version of SysIcon is able to change about 30 shell icons of Windows. To modify the specific registry values you need administrator privilegies in Windows NT/2000/XP. The icons can only be set for all users on the computer, it is not possible to give each user a different icon. Some of those icon settings did not work with Windows XP since in this version no icons specified in class IDs were supported to be changed.

Since 1.3.0 it is possible to save all changed icons from the list into one icon library (*.icl file). The library can be distributed to other machines. SysIcon can read these icon libraries and apply the icons inside at one go to the system's settings. This makes icon package distribution over the internet possible.

Licensing note: some Units are not released under the GNU Lesser General Public license rather than under the 3-clause BSD License, see the Unit heads for details.